My Mom passed away early this morning. I loved her so much.

As her son, she gave me the best example of what a loving parent can be.

She always supported me, Always was there for me, always loved me, and always worried about me. She did all this while giving me the freedom to grow and be myself.
In this picture she is talking to me about a trip I'm about to take by myself, letting me fly alone across the country. I am sitting on my suitcase on our front porch all dressed for the trip. You can see how much we loved each other
She told me how it would be as I got to the gates, boarded the plane, changed flights, and what it would be like when I got to the end of the flight.
She knew my grandparents would be there to pick me up.
Through life, she taught me how to live gracefully, care for others, be forgiving, love your family, have close friends, and live a life that matters. All while moving through the gates of life
Today she showed me what it was like to take a flight to heaven.
I know that my Grandparents, so many friends, and Jesus will be there at the gates to greet her.
She lived a long beautiful earthly life, and I know and can feel that she is looking down from heaven at me, my sister, her husband Jim, and my boys my wife, and our entire family, Supporting us, loving us, and telling us not to worry, that we will see her again



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