Could An Improved Marketing Plan Help Your Project?

Selling out a real estate development takes incredible coordination—numerous branding and marketing elements working in concert, often long before ground is broken. The Bathurst Group and Pristine Properties International understand that. Our deep experience within the residential and commercial real estate industry has allowed us, as a creative agency, to work closely with developers, architects, designers and brokers to bring successful projects to market in Florida, the southeast and across the country. We believe successful real estate branding and marketing requires a comprehensive approach, rooted in a solid strategy, which requires:

-Understanding current industry and economic trends, as well as the market in which a project is located
-Connecting with the target audiences to understand their needs, attitudes, timing, and preferences
-The experience and creativity to develop branding that resonates with the target audience and the community
-Communicating that branding through integrated marketing tactics that include strategy, creativity, and execution
-Constantly refining and fine-tuning the marketing mix over the life of the development to optimize sales velocity

Our integrated marketing services for the real estate industry include: strategy development, branding and rebranding, naming, identity design, messaging strategy and development, website design, web development, advertising and media, print collateral design, outdoor advertising, sales center graphics, site signage, email campaigns and social media strategy and execution.

As commercial Realtors, we can staff and execute the sale and leasing of your building, land or project

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