Why Peeling Apples?

My favorite TV show is the Andy Griffith show. It's about simpler times and everyday people and how we all fit into this world of ours. The show is full of classic life lessons and books have been written to expand on the everyday lessons that can be learned from the show.

Peeling apples hopes to showcase the wisdom you'll hear dispensed from the worn saddle of a true cowboy or from everday heroes like sherriff Taylor.

One of my favorite episodes from the show is called "Man in Hurry". This episode is a timeless lesson about life and will always be applicable. The basic principles of human behavior and influences are clearly illustrated. What appears to be an uncaring businessman turns out to be, at the core, the same as the folks in Mayberry. He is reminded of an earlier time when he, too, made time for the important things in life. This is best illustrated by the man's perseverance toward peeling an apple all in one long piece. It seems that his success in accomplishing this task opens his eyes to the basic life lessons that Andy, Barney and Gomer live everyday.

This episode will touch the pure human core of contentment with what you have rather than what you think you can achieve if you just keep pushing harder and harder without consideration for the people around you. The phrase that first comes to mind when I think of this episode is "Stop and smell the roses."