A Cowboy's Farewell

Not that long ago, one of my favorite relatives, My Uncle Dave passed away. He was a real renaissance man, and a cowboy at heart. This is my tribute to him. A Cowboy’s Farewell

This world has made me tired Lord.
It was only a matter of when,
Those walls they built around me here,
Just couldn't’t fence me in.

We mountain men and cowboys,
We never quite fit in.
With salty seas and bent palm trees,
A Lone Pine’s our best friend.

My Rangers’ eyes see starry skies
The counting never rests
Name one more than one hundred Lord, and
I’ll know I’ve done my best.
I'm grateful for my time on earth,friends and family down below.
They learned so late my time had come,and they grieved to see me go.

From Alaska to Wyoming
I’ll ride the ridges and the creeks
But every day, through heavens gaze
I’ll sneak in gentle peeks.
I'm thankful that you blessed me with a long and eventful life;For a
happy home with my boys close, And a loving and faithful wife.

Those two strong boys you gave me, Lord,
Just guide them with your hand.
And remind them that when they cross, Lord
We will ride the trails again.

The little ones they brought me,
revealed a love I never knew
I love those precious little Cowgirls
and that little Cowpoke too.

I love that girl from Dixie, Lord
We gave life its full whirl.
Protect her and be with her,
because to me she meant the world.

Let each one know, I love them, Lord,all pain’s been put aside,
And we will Rendezvous with Destiny,When they cross the Great Divide